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About the Story:
Utopian Theory focuses on a young girl named Una Nova who wakes in the center of a neverending post apocalyptic city. Soon she meets up with others like her who have no memory of their days before waking and no evidence of why they they are there except for a strange tattoo that each of them has. While attempting to regain something of their past and work through their tattered psychological states, something more sinister seems to be holding them back from their ultimate goal of utopia, a thing which none of them have seen.

About the Author:
Name: Jennifer Gosk
DOB: February 1st
Occupation: Student
Contact: Silentangell@hotmail.com

I am a senior in the 3-D Animation program at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. =D I am still looking at about another two or three years of school. I took a class on making comics not too long ago and decided that it was a lot of fun. Originally, I wanted to make UT a hobby comic that no one would ever see, however, I've always really liked the idea of having my own webcomic and even if this never becomes very popular, I still think it would be a lot of fun!