Circle, Square, Triangle

Well I just started a character design class and our first assignment was to design a Native American Shapes with the body shape of a circle, square, and triangle respectively.  It was really fun and actually surprisingly challenging to think up new creative ways to make the different shapes fit into all aspects of the character’s design and personality.  I also tried speed modeling some old man Native American heads loosely based off of my grandpa.  They are also roughly in the circle, square, and triangle shapes.  For now I just have the heads but I might post samples of the other stuff later. 🙂

Grace Sculpt

Today I realized that about three months ago I started a Grace sculpt and then sort of forgot about it.  Oops. x-x So I took her into Maya today.  Finished blocking out her body and gave her some clothes.  Within the next week I’ll probably take her into Zbrush for more detail, and give her something other than weird chewed-gum hair. XD


3D Grace

I watched this documentary that was made a couple of years ago about Pixar that really made me want to start messing with 3D characters again.  I am currently working on a couple other projects, but I figured a day off from work would be a good time to mess around with making a Grace!  No clothes for her yet.  I want to take her into ZBrush and use some displacement maps on her skin/clothes for better detail.  This is a super low-res box model that I haven’t put into ZBrush yet.  Oh gawd chewing-gum hair!  I didn’t want her to be bald but I already have plans on either rendering hair with Shave and a Haircut, or sculpting it in ZBrush. 😀