Business Cards!!

Oh man I finally got my business cards in the mail from XD They are way more pink than I realized I made them.  Oh well, leave it to the un-girly girl to end up having tons of girly stuff at her comic table. Haha..


In other news, I have been really busy putting together stuff for a new print of the comic (Sans embarrassing typos >_>) and stuff with my knee as well.  It just feels like it never quite goes away.  I have the next couple pages of ZK drawn out though.  New job has been exhausting.  It’s just a completely different type of environment than I am used to and it killed me creatively for a bit.  I’m slowly getting into the groove though.  Just in time for classes!


Grace Sculpt

Today I realized that about three months ago I started a Grace sculpt and then sort of forgot about it.  Oops. x-x So I took her into Maya today.  Finished blocking out her body and gave her some clothes.  Within the next week I’ll probably take her into Zbrush for more detail, and give her something other than weird chewed-gum hair. XD