This just in! Convention season is coming up and things are happening! Yay!

Here is a list of places I will be appearing for your viewing pleasure:

Charles Schulz Museum: Second Saturday Cartoonist: March 8, 2014

Wondercon: April 18 – 20, 2014

BigWOW Comicfest: May 17 – 18, 2014

Stockton-Con (mostly confirmed): August 9-10, 2014

Come visit and say “Hi” 🙂

Big WOW Comic Fest

Figures I’d have two convention posts in a row. XD When I was at Image-con I was really kinda bummed because it would have neen the perfect con to have a table at. Mostly artists, pretty low key. Anyways, when I was there I put some Zombie Killerz fliers onto what I thought was a freebie table. Lo and behold, it was actually the extra table for Big WOW Comic Fest! I got to talking with Steve, the organizer, and got really interested. If you haven’t seen the web page you should check it out because it looks like they are going to have a lot of artist centric workshops and panels. Not too many cwlebrities, but that’s actually how I like it.

Well long story short, I ended up signing up and will be sharing a table witg my friend Sam. Steve was saying he hoped we’d get a few more people attending because Wondercon moved this year and I think his prediction is correct.

Anyways, more updates coming soon but I am very excited!


So it’s official!  I just got an email from Comic-Con with my acceptance for a table at the Alternative Press Expo!  This is so freaking awesome! Exclamation points!!  For those of you not in the know, APE is an awesome start for people who want to self-publish and is also exceptional for networking and whatnot.  Beyond that, this will probably be the first time I attempt to sell my work in person.  Scary. :O  Hopefully something comes of it, but if it doesn’t, at least I get the chance to do something fun and exciting.

I have so much to prepare now, though!  I sort of wanted to do two ZK books, 8-pages each with some sketches in the back of each one.  I was also thinking of something like posters/buttons?  It’s tough because I’m not particularly wealthy, but I feel like it would be worth it to have more than one type of media on the table.  Maybe I’ll even include some prints of other art I have done!

This is also a good chance to segue into the fact that I have been working on a Grace maquette , which I think would be super cool to have sitting on my table for people to look at….. and possible hire me to make maquettes/models. >_>

So yeah.. APE.. holy shit! 🙂