Ok so this one happened a couple nights ago:

I was an adventurer in a world where no natural things were allowed.  Everything was made synthetically.  But I was crazy and owned cotton clothes, which was a huge deal.  I had a small group of followers and we all lived in a commune in the ghetto.  Pretty soon the government decided they needed to inspect so they sent out an alarm that meant we had to pack all our belongings in these plastic boxes covered in plastic.  Then they took me in for questioning, but couldn’t get anything out of me because technically they couldn’t hurt me for some reason.  They kept feeding me food and trying to slip me pills that would make me tell the truth.  They also interviewed my girlfriend (I was a guy) and she was just smiling and nodding at them.  I ended up leaving and giving them the finger.

Second one:  I was riding my bike through these creepy trails in the forest that looked a lot like the California hills.. all scraggly.  I came across a tourgroup standing by this deep pit in the ground that had trees in it in the shape of chairs and a little house thing.  They were talking about how no one could explain why the trees grew that way.  I followed them to the visitor center where they turned into this weird Sunday school class thing and were trying to solve a murder mystery.  I was playing too but it got weird when they wanted to act everything out and some old dude kissed me.  The mystery had something to do with cheating in baseball and had baseball players with four and six arms.  My character ended up being the one who stole whatever it was that was missing but I was creeped out and left.

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