Catch a Falling Star..

Catch a Falling Star..

This dream is old but I always liked it.

I was in this trinket shop with a bunch of my friends.  We were trying to steal things but people thought it was open so we had to pretend to work there.  Everything in the shop was based around ladybugs.. snowglobes, figurines, etc.  I was in maryjanes.  I was working the desk while they tried to disable the security cams.  They kept accidentally flipping to the TV with a channel that had news reports about a murderer in the area that was killing people and covering the walls of the buildings in town with blue paint mixed with their blood.

Soon the cops were on to us and my friends ditched me.  I tried to steal the tape but couldn’t so I ran.  I ran to the heart of town where there were speakers playing children singing a choir song.  The entire town was deserted.  All of the walls of the buildings in town were covered in smears of blue “paint.”  There were also abandoned government trucks that were trying to cover up the blood-paint with their own red colored paint but both were wet so it was turning everything sickly purple.

I kept walking and had just noticed a zombie wandering around in a yard by a kid’s playset when I woke up.

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