Fertile Foundry

Fertile Foundry

So.. I had this dream.  I was in my neighborhood at the end of the street only it wasn’t actually my neighborhood, it was a bunch of wooden houses in the snow.  At the end of the street hidden between two houses was a teeny tavern that literally looked like it only had room for one stool.  I went inside and was looking at a display selling rugs for some reason.  I was figuring out the deals when the ceiling started to leak.  Suddenly the room looked a lot bigger.

There was an old man, a lady, and a little girl.  The lady said that it was too cold and to get the furnace to work she shut the door.  Then she gave us these educational books to look at based off of some evil Mongolian dude from centuries ago that looked a lot like Dr. No and Atilla the Hun from Mulan.  The lady was talking about how evil he was as we were coloring the books and how many people he killed.  Pretty soon we all started seeing ghosts around the tavern and the little girl kept getting scared.  The lady, who was suddenly in pilgrim clothes, said that she thought it was the evil guy haunting us because he wanted us to stop talking crap.  Then he possessed one of us and was declaring that he would clear his name.  We were all trying to figure out a way to get rid of him and the tavern was suddenly a mansion.

Then I decided to sew a button on my backpack.  I had a button of Freud but I thought he looked too much like Hitler so I wrote “Freud” on him.  Next thing I knew, I was walking in the street and ran into the lady.  Apparently they cast a spell while I was sewing.  She said neither of the twins remembered what happened.  Also, she said she did research and the last person who was possessed by the evil guy had died.  Then she said that one of us who had been there that day was getting sick…. dun dun dunnnnnnn…. Also I randomly knew that the tavern was called the Fertile Foundry.

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